Do Other People Even Care?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why do people around always make us feel obligated to pay back to our parents and serve everyone in the family once we landed a job after college, like as if we are not allowed to enjoy just yet until we have served them enough?

Don’t get me wrong. I definitely have nothing against paying back and helping my family. It’s actually one of the reasons why I am trying to do great in whatever path I am taking. It is one of my major goals. Nothing could ever make me happier than seeing them happy and proud and living a comfortable life.

It is just so irksome how the people around could be so nosy sometimes (or always). And I don’t think “nosy” could even be enough to describe them. Idk if it’s good or bad, but I hate it big time whenever people get into my business, especially when they are indirectly telling me what to do like as if they have the right to.

Those people who have been with me through my lowest lows (aka my fam) are not even saying anything, not even asking me to do this and that. And I wonder where those nosy people get all those nerves to tell me not to get a boyfriend yet just because I have not yet helped the family enough. And they even think they have the say-so where I should spend the money I earn. Patayo daw muna ako ng bahay bago ako mag-enjoy ng todo. Wow!

“Baka mag-asawa ka na nyan kasi feeling mo kaya mo na.” “Baka gumaya ka kay ganito, kay ganyan na nag-asawa lang agad pagkatapos pag-aralin ng magulang.” HEY, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP COMPARING ME TO ANYONE? Hello??? Can you please stop telling me what to do and not to do in a roundabout manner when you are not even entitled to do so? I am not that dunderheaded not to get what you mean and I know what I am doing.

UGH!I don’t want them to get into my nerves. They are definitely just a waste of energy, but sometimes they could just be too much.

Can they just drop all their expectations and just let us be???

I am sick and tired of hearing their unsolicited comments.



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sincerely, riz