Thursday, March 01, 2018
  • I woke up last Monday almost with no energy and only halfway through it, I was already feeling so drained.
  • Also I was a bit irritated every time somebody talked to me with no apparent reason.
  • Plus, I left my earphones and my mood slid down rock-bottom all the way.
  • Last Tuesday was the busiest I’ve ever been inside the office. Sabog yung email ko with all the tasks, but yeah, survived!
  • Lahat ng nanggugulo ng buhay eh manggugulo lang rin talaga.
  • We get attached to people, our life gets messed up while there they are, living their lives with zero idea about it.
  • I need to read more in order to write more.
  • I have this current read that I have been putting off, but so far, it’s one great read (nope, it’s not fictional).
  • I started bullet journaling again, and so far, I failed to keep up. *sigh* I guess, this is not just my kind of thing (huwag ko na kasi dapat ipilit dba?).
  • Tracking my expenses everyday is hard work (!!!), especially to someone like me who is not that consistent.
  • Kaya siguro wala pang lalaking dumarating sa buhay ko kasi  di pa rin naman talaga ako handa maging consistent at committed (½ jk).

See how random and messy  this weekly scribbles is? Lol. This clearly represents my thoughts - messy, entangled, random and whatever.

How did your week went?



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