Getting Busier

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Okay, I tried so hard to be away from Tumblr for at least a week, but guess who’s now back? Lol.

One. There’s one thing I have discovered about myself. I don’t hold grudges, but I cannot utter the words “sorry” if I know in myself that I am not at fault. I don’t stay angry towards a thing for a long time. I might get pissed off, I may feel bad about it for a moment, I may cry, but after some time, I’m already fine with it. Life goes on like as if nothing happened, and I would treat the person/s involved the way that I usually do, hoping that that action would be interpreted as “I’m sorry. I hope we’re okay now. I am not angry, I hope you aren’t too,” but of course it would not always be the case. I cannot expect them to interpret my action that way without saying a word to justify it. It’s my pride, I know, and there’s no way it’s healthy, and I would need to do something to work on that.

Two. My work life’s getting busier and busier and busier, the reason why Maundy Thursday was not a holiday for us in the office. On Good Friday, we had the choice whether to go to work or not, and I opted not to. Everyone was in the house that day, my mom was too, and I don’t want to make any excuse to miss that kind of rare moment. And yaaaay! We made some fruit pan, just as what we usually do on Good Fridays.

Three. I remember a corporate tip I have picked up from our Mandarin professor way back in college: “When you notice a problem in the company, make sure to have some ready solution in mind if you decide to escalate it to your boss.” That is if you want to make some good impression from your boss (it’s also a good tip for a promotion). For me, as corporate slaves, we are not in the company to just discover and report problems (it will just give headaches to our bosses lol), we are here to help them solve those problems. I am not sure if I am making any sense, but trust me, it works!

Four. I bumped into some college classmates last Thursday. I was expecting for a “Kamusta ka na?” but instead, what I got was “Saan ka na nagtra-trabaho?” Lol. Okay. As much as I don’t want to tell them where, I still did.

Five. Visited a cafe with mom and mom’s office mate and with her daughter too. I actually didn’t want to, but mom insisted, so okay. I didn’t want to spend hundreds only for a cheesy nacho and a peppermint-flavored frappe that my taste buds didn’t actually enjoy, but anyway, it was mom who paid for them. She had no choice because I only got tagged along. Hahaha.

Six. I had a very peaceful life while I was away from all my social media accounts even if it was only for a few days. But truth be told, I cheated. Obviously, I should have not opened Tumblr yet until Monday, but I just did. And I opened it yesterday to check for messages and notifications. Lol. Okay, sorry, self. Nevertheless, it was a good try.

And yep, that's it for this week! :-)



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