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Sunday, March 04, 2018

+ I restarted my bullet journal last week and to start anew, I ripped off the old pages. Yeah, getting rid of something from the past that does not anymore help me grow is something I am learning the hard way, but somehow it makes things lighter. It makes going forward easier. And as much as I want to keep these pages in my bullet journal, I just opted not to. Idk but it’s quite dragging to go on when every time I open it I could see them. Those were those months when I am pretty much having a hard time, feeling so lost. I barely even touched those pages. I have not written anything that much in there. Those were my “nothing” days.

+ If anyone ever noticed, I impulsively changed my blog’s theme last Tuesday and I had some minor Tumblr issues going on, so I sent a message to Tumblr support and I’m happy and satisfied of their prompt reply. It helped! Anyway, going back on the new theme, I like it, but it is not as responsive as the previous theme that I used, especially in the mobile view. I am actually having this little debate within myself whether to change it back or just stick with this one. Hmm, what do you think? Yep, I am an indecisive young lady!

+ I attended the company’s Global Staff Meeting for the first time last Wednesday. We were asked to introduce ourselves and I was so nervous and shaky, but fortunately I have pulled it up. Somehow.

+ Okay, so God indeed works even on the littlest of things. Last Wednesday, there was some minor power interruption (more of just  fluctuation) in the place, and among all the computers in the office, it was only mine that shut down. And you know what? It was a blessing in disguise! If it didn’t shut down, I wouldn’t realize that I haven’t turned on my tracker since I started working after lunch. I would have been working without pay the whole afternoon if it didn’t happen. Yes, I am blessed! Always. And remember, you are too! :-)

+ I just wanna share something I have read somewhere. I cannot remember the exact words, but here’s the thought: Our life is both based from the decisions we make and decisions others make. It is something we can control and can’t control at the same time. Does it make sense, yes?

+ I am not sure how exhausted I was last Thursday that I fell asleep without dinner, and with unwashed faced and unbrushed teeth. Lol. So when I happened to wake up at 2 something the next morning, I hurriedly got up, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then went back to sleep again, which only made it so hard for me to get up at 6am (my supposed to be get up time).

+ And hey, I just discovered that there is a chrome extension for those with no dual monitors. I already got used to working with two monitors because that’s the standard in our office for efficiency. And sometimes, I wish to have two monitors at home too, because indeed, it makes things easier, but then I don’t want to spend more than a thousand for something that is not even that necessary. So this chrome extension is such a boon! The only downside of it that I noticed, so far, is it can be used only in Chrome (of course because it’s a Chrome extension lol), but at least, it’s still of great help.

And yeah, that’s a wrap. My 10th week of 2018 went pretty well.

How about yours? How are you coping up with 2018? What‘s your latest find this week? :-)



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