Keep Your Heart Strong

Thursday, May 10, 2018

To tell you the truth, I have already lost my faith in people a long time ago, that the first time a person utters something convincing, I wouldn’t believe it, unless there’s anything that could justify it. I may appear like I am convinced, but deep down inside, most prolly I am not. And for the longest time, I have always kept myself away from people. I would rather lock myself inside my room than hear everyone talk, but then this time, I chose to go the other way. I opted to expose myself to whatever other people could say, whether that would be pleasant or awful.

The first few days was hard work. My heart had been shattered many times. But as the time goes by, I am gradually learning to not get affected and ignore whatever unpleasant words they might say. I must admit these days are one of the most toxic time of my life. I am so fed up of all the unsolicited comments from people about other people, but I gotta keep calm. No matter what one does, they will always have something to say.

And perhaps, it’s true, that the people who you thought are helping you could be the same people who would destroy you. Your friends could betray you. Even those people who you share the same bloodline with could actually pull you down. Those who know less, or nothing at all, could talk more. People are creative -- they could make up stories and exaggerate things. As horrible as these may sound, but these happen, and perhaps all that we can do is to open our minds and keep our hearts strong.



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