Still Feeling Like a Mess

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Twenty weeks had passed since this year started and I’m still a mess.

I haven’t been emotionally well lately. I wasn’t in the mood to clean up. I used to keep my phone clean with no unnecessary apps, empty gallery and inbox, but this time, I have kept everything in it. I was too impatient to transfer files in an online drive. I don’t know, but I haven’t been deleting messages lately which is just not so me.

My closet is a mess. My laundry is piled up. There’s too much clutter on top of my desk inside my room. My drawers contain the most random things. Receipts here and there. Clean clothes are just hanging in the open -- I am too lazy to fold them.

I decided to treat myself, but I went way too overboard. I. HAVE. SPENT. TOO. MUCH. I’ve bought things I don’t even need. I have shelled out cash way too much and I am so frustrated of myself. Big time. :( I haven’t been tracking my expenses too. My bank account is gradually dying, and I gotta start saving twice or thrice than I normally do now. I gotta make up with my savings. I SHOULD. I really have to.

Also, I have been having this love-hate relationship with the deactivate button of my social media accounts (well, of course, except Tumblr). Right now, I’m back with them, but I’m not sure how long I’m staying. I just can’t throw away all the memories kept in there, that’s why I keep on coming back, to keep my accounts from being permanently deleted. I still have the plans to delete them for good, though, I am just mustering some courage to do so. I hope, soon!

Right now, I guess, I’m fine. I am trying my best to get back on track. It requires hard work, I must admit, but I am doing it one step at a time.

Uhm, how are you doing? Hope you’re good! But if not, it’s fine. This, too, shall pass. :)



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