Still Fighting

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

i. I have been too busy, have been in a great mess. I rarely got a decent sleep for the past few days, but I may say everything is all worth it.

ii. For a short while, I have been exposed to things I am not used to. Too many things happened in a week. I became happy; my heart got broken, but I don’t have any energy left to write about them here. I cannot even find the words to narrate them. Or maybe, I am just not in the mood to tell stories for now.

iii. There were days that I am trying to take a few steps out of my comfort zone, but then after a little while, I would catch myself coming back. It’s almost 5 months since this year started, but I am not going anywhere.

iv. When I look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t see anything but my flaws, but still I’m grateful for the very few people who see me past my imperfections. Thank you for appreciating me for me.

v. I am almost losing hope. Almost. But I am still fighting. This world is still wonderful!



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