Down to the Other Half

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Another month has just ended, and here I am, motivated to restart my life and willing to pick myself up once again. We’re now down to the second half of the year, wow! And June, oh June, went by too swiftly for me. Things were quite a blur. I feel like I have a lot to share through this post, but at the same time, none. Lol. Idk. I just cannot gather my thoughts in one place just yet, so I suppose, a Sunday Currently entry could save me from this.

Anywoo, let’s now jump unto what I am currently up to:


I’ve got a list of books to read, but I am still stuck in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m not sure if I already mentioned it here, but it is actually a required-reading in our company, and I am now on the third habit. I try to read, at the very least, five pages a day, but sadly, I cannot do it every day. Anyway, I am now on the third habit (STILL. Lol. I am almost six months in my work now, but yeah).


I have been doing this Questions Diary (it's a mobile app) where I have to answer one question a day. I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. It made me realize how much I haven’t taken the time to know myself, but it is helping me a lot. I have not planned to do it everyday, though but I am enjoying it. I actually thought about sharing the questions and my answers here in this blog, but not now perhaps. Also, I am starting my bullet journal again (I hate how much I am so motivated every beginning of the month and then lose all of it the next day).


I haven’t been listening to a lot of songs lately except the songs in my playlist in Spotify. It is just a mix of everything -- a mix of all kinds of songs that I enjoy listening to.


I have been thinking about the things that I wanna achieve in life. My goal then was to become a CPA then I’ll get my first job, and I would enroll myself in a masters degree right after I become a CPA. I have already achieved the first two, and we all know what my next step should be, but something got into the way. Yesterday, I went back to my Alma Mater to attend a parents’ orientation for my brother (’cos mom was busy), and I saw the long line of people enrolling in the graduate school and I felt the strong urge to join the line. If only I had the documents needed by then, I might have enrolled myself impulsively. But as I’ve said, something got in the way. I’ve just committed myself into something that would probably consume my Saturdays, and it’s career-related, although I am not fully committed to it yet because, if ever, my post-grad classes would also be on Saturdays, so yeah, I am in torn. I am also thinking about purchasing something which would be helpful in my current plans, but I am still having second thoughts since we already have this thing which could serve as an alternative at home, but my issue is, it’s not mine alone, and I couldn’t use it whenever I want because I have to share it with everyone else.


I am greatly hoping for better days and I also hope to finally come up with a decision.


All I need for now, other than God’s loving arms, is enough courage and motivation to fulfill the things that I wanna achieve very soon.


I am feeling good. I am feeling great. Aaaaahhhh I have been longing for this feeling of satisfaction for days, and now it’s here. I don’t wanna put it into waste.


And yaaaaay! I missed posting a lengthy entry and now it’s here! :) How have y’all been doing?




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