random musings

Friday, July 20, 2018

+ people come and i treasure them. people go and i still treasure them. i won’t chase. i won’t run after them, but that does not mean i don’t care because i do. i always do.

+ perhaps being twenty-two is about getting lost, walking with no specific destination until i find myself coming back to the things i love -- to the things that really matter to me. i’ll get there one day. perhaps not now, but someday.

+ six months in my current work and i realized that a workplace would never be perfect. at first, i thought it is, but nope, it isn’t. and i still have this question in my head yet to be answered: what makes a person stay or go? is it the work or the people? maybe, just maybe, i’ll find the answer in me.

+ i missed taking photos of the sky. it has been awhile.



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