The Days Are Quite Flying Fast

Monday, July 30, 2018

A little more than a day and July would now be waving a “see-you-again.” Perhaps August can’t wait to say hello for another round. Why are the days flying so fast? Omg, wait.

How did I even spend the days of July? Hmm, well… Still, I have not been keeping track of my days. I was just kind of going with the flow. I’ve kept myself from worrying too much and just tried not to care.

If you ask me how I’ve been doing, an honest answer would be, I’ve been fine and feeling better. I’ve been keeping in touch with some good ol’ friends and did some catching up’s with them. I’m still trying to rekindle the flame inside me that was once put out. I still feel stuck, but not really.

Yes, another “Sunday-currently-ish” entry, but I’m posting this on a Monday just because. I figured I’d better do this every end of the month. Maybe, but nope, I still could not promise that I’d be consistent with this. Lol. But I am trying to. Really.

Okay. Enough blabbing, so I am currently…


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. I have this on my to-read list for a few months now, and just a few days ago, I decided to give it a shot, and daaaaaang! I was only in the first few pages yet, but I already got hit so hard. I haven’t gone far with the book yet ‘cos I want to keep it slow and absorb things first before I flip through the next pages, but so far, I like it very much, although the “f” word was mentioned for quite a thousand times already and I’m guessing there’s still more to come. Lol.


I haven’t been writing anything except a little something for this blog. I mean, the stuff that I post in here if we can consider them as “writing”. No journal, no question diary, none, nada. I am not too sad nor broken to write anything. Idk. Nothing is worth writing for me now. And even if I try, the right words are nowhere to be found.


Right now, right at this moment, I’m listening to this playlist I’ve made just a little few days ago. Lately, I just wanna free my mind. Release all the pressure of this adulting kinda stuff, and just let loose. I am not good at dancing, but I just wanna dance all the stress away (at least in my head lol). Also been listening to some public chill playlist available in Spotify lately.


I haven’t been thinking too much, except that a big project that I need to work on manages to cross my mind from time to time. I want to brush it off for now, although I have been putting it off for weeks already (sssshhh sorry). I mean, please, give me some time. I promise I’ll get back to it soon.


I’m hoping that I’ll get to be consistent with my bullet journal this time. Yes, I’m trying it once again. FOR THE ~NTH~ TIME THIS YEAR. The past months are quite a fail, but nope, I am not giving up yet.


I, myself, do not know what I am needing right now. Or at least, I just couldn’t think of any, but God knows, so I’m more than fine. No need to worry. He’ll provide.


I’m on the first day of my period today and idk what to feel. I mean, yeah, like the usual, I feel extra tired. Also, I didn’t feel like talking for like the whole day. I wasn’t sad but I didn’t feel like smiling too. Idk. I had to force my laugh and smile (a little) so I wouldn’t look snobbish or whatever in the office today, especially that we have a new trainee. Also, I felt irritated and was trying my best to not let it show on the outside, because hello??? I don’t wanna affect anyone with my mood. It’s no one’s fault anyway. It’s just my hormones acting up.

So yeah, that’s it! I am always more than happy to post stuff like this.



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