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Sunday, September 16, 2018

one of my best friends went home last saturday, 8th of september, so we decided to meet up and watch a movie. yep, we watched the hows of us. i was waiting for them to kiss on that scene that’s why i took a snap but nothing happened. hahaha.

idk but i didn’t find the movie as nakakaiyak as what i expected it to be (based on the feedbacks that I’ve been seeing around the web), prolly because i couldn’t relate that much yet, or idk. the concepts and life lessons that were being portrayed are just more of warnings for me, like “ganito ang posibleng mangyari kapag ganito, kapag ganyan, etc.” don’t hate me, though, it’s just on me, and don’t get me wrong, i did tear up on that part where george read primo’s letter.

as always, in every movie that i watch, i like to pick up my favorite line/s and here it is from thou, and it’s from my favorite scene too: “just ride the tide until the sun rises again because it always does.” And also this: “isang beses sa napakaraming beses na pwede akong sumuko pero hindi ko ginawa. pero isang beses lang pala ang kailangan mo para umalis at hindi na bumalik.”

we also wanted to watch goyo on that same day, but then, after watching thou, we still had to wait for a few hours for goyo and we didn’t have that much time to wait, so we just let it pass. we opted to just go somewhere along the beach to have lunch. we planned to catch the sunset, but then a few hours later, it got cloudy, so we just strolled by the seashore and shared updates on each other’s lives.

it feels so good to not just get stuck at home on a saturday every once in a while. it’s the high time for me to stop scrolling through my phone and just put it down. i actually very rarely have a mobile data subscription ever since ‘cos i feel like i already have enough (sometimes too much) of the internet at home and i just want to get disconnected every time i am going somewhere and out of the house. it helps my mind to get cleared up somehow. the only time i did have some data subscription was when i was living a little away from home (when I was still in review school) ‘cos the place where i was staying then had no wifi. it makes a difference din kasi when you don’t have an easy access to the internet when you’re in review school, and i had to get connected with my family back home, so i’ve had a valid excuse. lol. (alright, so that was just a fun fact. hahaha.)

and that was it!

p.s. this is just super random, but i love, love, love lemon juices!!!

ah, i want more saturdays like this! =)



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