Sunday, September 23, 2018

i. there’s a lot i still need to learn about myself.

ii. God really has his amazing ways to send awesome people in our lives, mostly in the most unexpected ways, to help us discover who we really are; people who could save us from all the demons playing inside our heads, and people who could help us realize that despite anything and everything, life is still great and that there’s so much to enjoy.

iii. i swear i am never a perfect daughter. i can be stubborn at times (or always), doing things my own way without seeking for help and some guidance. i have disappointed God plenty of times, ignored Him even, but he’s been nothing but great to me. sometimes, i don’t think i still deserve all the goods that have been happening in my life, but God had been and will always be the ever merciful Father. huhu. Lord, thank you so much!!!

iv. i realized, i really must be grateful for enjoying this privilege of having my work totally separated from my personal life. once i step out of the office, i don’t have anything work-related to worry about anymore, like i am totally free from all the stuff at work. everything is organized and written down, so i really have nothing to worry about missing anything. my time is all mine on the weekends, and it’s just all up to me where to spend them (which is just mostly at home). this is actually one of the things that is making me stay.

v. also, people in the office are my workmates, and “workmates” does not always equate to “friends,” but don’t get it wrong, i am in good terms with anyone at work. =)

vi. how i wish i could also stay on top of things in the personal aspect of my life as much as i do at work where things are pretty much organized and properly prioritized, but i’m getting there. i swear i’m getting there. baby steps, just baby steps.

vii. ending this with one of the beautiful reminders i’ve stumbled upon in pinterest:
you are responsible for your happiness. in fact, you create it. you attract it. you manifest it. you are the architect of your reality. you choose your thoughts, your perceptions, and your reaction to external forces. you possess all of the tools needed to expand your awareness, to orchestrate the evolution of your consciousness, to choose happiness, to choose love. you are that powerful. create the life you deserve. vibrate love.



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