my life lately in bullets

Sunday, October 14, 2018

  • i’m having some mild back pain right now, probably due to sitting down in front of my laptop for long hours. ooops, my bad.
  • i’m trying to learn something new and it’s actually sumth that i have put off for years now, but better late than never i guess (uhm, yep, here comes this lame excuse ugh). idk how long this would take before i can do this by myself. maaan, it’s frickin’ haaaard!
  • i have not done most of the things that i’ve planned to do this weekend, but i ended up doing some other things which i think still made this a bit productive despite the very long afternoon nap i had yesterday. lol.
  • things (and people) are confusing these days, and i’m getting worse in making decisions. your indecisive girl is still indecisive, but nope, i am not proud of it. i gotta work on this.

  • traveled to iloilo last weekend to visit some friends and former schoolmates who took the cpale this month (I wasn’t in the photo, though ‘cos I took them lol). thanks to my alma mater and my former accounting instructors for a free ride! =)
  • i am never a kpop fan but guess what, i attended a k-fest event last weekend, too. i was with my high school friend (who is kinda my human diary haha) and our former schoolmate who is also a kpop fan. it was the first time i’ve talked to that guy even though he was always in our classroom back in the days (perhaps, I was really never that friendly? lol), and the event was fun, except that i couldn’t really relate. i just watched people as they fangirl-ed/fanboy-ed.
  • we got a new pup at home. yaaay! it was actually given by our neighbor and it was soooooo adorable!
  • my brother turned seventeen, and yaaay more foods on the table!
and yeah, that's pretty much it for my life lately =)



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