Trying Again

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Again, I was tempted to make a new blog and start anew as a way of starting another year, but nope, I don’t need a new one just yet only to abandon it halfway through. This time, here’s the rule that I need to follow: Do not make/add another one if I am not letting go of my old one/s. Just so you know, I already have enough of blogs to run, actually more than I should have, but I don't know why I can't be contented at times.

I’ve always wanted to be consistent with posting stuff and I am actually motivated to do so since another year is starting once again, but I don’t want to make any promises anymore, then break them the soonest, so perhaps it’s way better to just go with the flow.

I’ve had a lot of broken promises (to myself) in the past, and thinking about those just frustrates me – really frustrates me. I was never consistent, as you can see, but nope, I don’t want to dwell on them any longer. I just need to stop putting unnecessary pressure on myself ‘cos I have enough of them already.

For the nth time, I just have to be clear with my purpose. I need to clearly identify the main reason why I decided to put this up again after all those failed attempts in the past. I know I have mentioned this for idk-how-many-times already, but all I want now is a place where I can keep notes and memories of my day to day life, a place of those moments that will mold me to whoever I will become, and simply a place where I can go back to one day and see how much I’ve grown.

This 2019, I hope I could achieve on making this space that place.



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