twelfth of december

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

wala compera, but i still bought the notebook (oops, pun intended). uughh, i just couldn’t resist. i don’t know how many notebooks i do have now. most of them are being left unwritten because i feel like they’re too precious to be used. i need to stop buying them, okay? lol. also, i wanted the white bible so bad, but then it’s a little expensive and mine is still completely in a good condition. so okay, no.

anyway, there's nothing special from today. it's actually just one of my typical wednesdays, but i got up a little early than i usually do. and thank goodness, i had the chance to have a slow morning. i must admit, my mornings have been in a rush lately. i always wake up early, but i get up late. you get what i mean, yes? so yeah.

i was able to start my day by planning it. i had the time to ponder and i’ve been just so pumped up to get my shiz together (well, i’ve been feeling like this for a while now which is actually a good thing). i’ve been able to read a few pages of the book that i have bought weeks ago, 13 things mentally strong people don’t do by amy morin. it’s been days since i last picked this up, tbh.

i went to work feeling good like i had enough confidence to conquer the day. i also had a good laugh during lunch. i actually laughed so hard that i can barely breathe because my officemate’s stories were just so damn funny (i’m still smiling like crazy while typing this).

my day in the office has been smooth, too. i was quite busy still, but not as busy as i was in the past days and weeks. and isn’t it so fulfilling to have received some unexpected appreciation of the things that you’ve done behind the spotlight? but anyway, that’s another story to tell.

i had to meet my brother after work to buy him stuff and he was so excited and proud as he showed the stuff we bought off to mom. he’s seventeen but he still smiles like a kid every time he gets what he wants, and he never forgets to be grateful which is enough to make my heart full.

and that pretty much sums up my day today. aaaaahhh, there’s just so much to be thankful for! thank you big time, Papa God!

p.s. a yellow butterfly has been flying around me while i am typing this. it looks beautiful and i had to do some quick google search about them. =)



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