wrapping up december

Sunday, January 06, 2019

december was definitely a busy month, but hey, it’s my favorite month of all, because well... christmas. if you don’t know yet, i love christmas, i really do. my family has always made it a special time of the year ever since i was a kid, and up until now, i’ve brought with me the feeling that the season brings.

i grew up hanging a sock on our christmas tree so i’d have a gift to open as soon as i wake up the next morning after christmas eve. i used to even write a letter to santa, and he would write back to me with some short well wishes, but then later i realized, it was only my dad’s handwriting. *laughs*

but anyway, i’m also always excited every time i hear jose mari chan’s christmas songs because my dad used to play them first among anyone else once the “ber” months start.

i really love the holidays, and i don't know, but people seem to be extra nice this time of the year. not to mention, i also love all those colorful lights and decorations.

okay, i guess, enough now with this long intro.

this post is not actually all about christmas, but a simple wrap up of how my december went based on the photos i’ve taken using the huji app, so now, please brace yourselves for a photo-heavy entry.

my town celebrated its annual fiesta and the fam went to see what it has to offer, but then it was a little disappointing because we found nothing but just a sea of people and a food park with expensive seafood dishes, but while we were walking around, we saw my brother and his group roaming around with their drums and making some noise around the town.

december means a year is almost ending and another one is about to start. for me, it’s another set of 365 days to try putting my life together again. it’s leaving the past behind, off-loading unnecessary weights in my system and starting again with a clean slate. i am always pumped up around this time of the year. most of the time, i do fail to maintain this kind of energy all throughout, but then at least, for quite some time, i was inspired, i was motivated, and i have tried to do things that i don’t usually do. watching such motivational youtube videos is really a huge help. one of my favorite channels is lavendaire by aileen xu, i watch her all the time, especially in days where i feel like i'm not sure what i'm doing with my life. i also listen to her podcast. i swear, her contents are really motivational.

i painted my own nails gray. i don’t know what happened, but i just suddenly found myself enjoying some fancy nail polish on my nails. also, i’m now gradually getting comfortable in growing my nails long, and it was also on the same month (24th) when i got a mani-pedi sesh in between some panic christmas buying as a li’l pampering for myself.

my aunt and my cousin’s boyfriend were leaving out of the country because my uncle and my cousins cannot go home for the holidays, and so, we shared a dinner at mang inasal with them before they left. we weren't satisfied of their chiken inasal that night, though, plus everyone (except me) was looking for some chicken oil but nothing of it was found anywhere in sight.

after saying a “see you again” to my aunt and my cousin’s boyf in the airport, we decided to get some breakfast beside the beach. it was a meal with so much laughter because my cousin’s childhood friends were really funny. the two guys joked a lot.

spent the most of december with this gal. we’re looking after my aunt’s house until she goes back. she eats a lot and she’s also making me eat a lot. lol.

here’s my cousin’s pit bull. he’s too playful.

most of the time we’re bored and got nothing to do but face our phones and laptops or watch tv.

another eating sesh with this gal.

i spent christmas at home and i’m loving all the lights and decorations.

played uno with my brother and my cousins until past midnight on christmas day.

here’s a stolen shot of my brother. he would hate me if he sees this. lol.

i’m grateful to have given a 2-week break from work for the holidays, and this day i did nothing but sleep, eat, and surf the net.

i was sleeping and tumblrin’ this day while my high school and college circles were having their respective get-together. i didn’t know where to go and i didn’t want to choose between the two groups, so i opted to just stay in.

we had some late night movie marathon and we cooked pancakes at around 11pm.

just one random snap a day before 2018 ended.

had some sotanghon batchoy with mom in between a day full of errands.

a random snap from the last day of 2018.

i've also collected some random clips of my day-to-day to life and put them all together into these videos:

and yep, that’s definitely a wrap. how did the last month of your 2018 went? =)



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