ati-atihan 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

this is was a little spontaneous for me, and safe to say, although not perfect, it was quite a blast!

we decided to leave for kalibo after mom's work on saturday, january 19th. the ride was quite not smooth and i was sleepy the whole time. i can barely remember the time we arrived, well, i didn't keep track of the time that much, but as soon as we arrived, we headed to one of my mom's company's (not her company, but the company she's working for) customers. we had our dinner there (hooray for free dinners!) after we ate, we took a little break and we started roaming around. good thing there were some locals, that my mom knows, who guided us around.

we did a lot of walking and roaming around. there were also lotsa people, mostly with drinks in their hands. there were music and drum rolls and fireworks.


we also had free accommodation for a night stay, but the place was a little far from the main venue. it was already a little late when we arrived there. i swear i was really exhausted and can't wait to lie down that night. we didn't have enough rest because we have to leave early the next day for another walking and roaming around session in the town. lol. i am not even sure if the rest of us were able to sleep, but i am certain i did. i was too tired, that as soon as i lied down, i didn't anymore have any idea what happened next because i immediately fell asleep.

we woke up very early the next day and we traveled to the city, then headed to jollibee to have our breakfast. after breakfast, we bought some ati-atihan accessories and started the "adventure."

and it is by this time when all the walking and walking and walking and walking and walking and walking started. i swear, we walked a lot, but nope, i am not complaining. yep, it was tiresome but it's something that i wouldn't mind doing again.

Oooppps. Looks like my brother is a little tired already.

and there was a sea of strangers all over the place. we have seen different kinds of people, it feels great to not care at all about them. i'm kinda a people-pleaser, i must admit, and i always wanna appear good to anyone, but at that time, i just didn't care. they don't know me anyway. i'm ninety-nine percent certain that they'll saw me only once and it's only by that time, so why should i care? i just enjoyed my time off from the mundane things of every day. i seized the moment of having to spend some time in a place other than home. i watched people, observed them, and wondered what's on their minds. i wondered what's going on with their lives. do they have it easy? or is there something they're going through? do they join the festival for the hope of having some way out? or this is their way of taking a break? are they here as devotees of the patron saint? or are they here to party and have fun? or perhaps they're here so they can have something to post in their social media profiles? some might be hoping to be finding "the one," that this event might be a door for a story that is yet to unfold. there were too many questions in my head with all those answers i might never know.

and now, it got me asking myself, "why am i here?" well... i was here simply because my mom invited me to be there. yep, that's true, but more so, i was here because i wanna get out of my comfort zone for a moment, and to get away from my tedious routine for a little while. these days i feel like i am not living my life enough, and i just needed some time to let loose and enjoy. i'm happy i'm with my mom and my brother and some other friends. i am always delightful to spend this kind of moments with them, but i would be more than glad if i was with the whole family, and i don't know when that would happen. i hope soon.

and whilst waiting for the parade to start, we took lotsa picture with these people wearing these colorful costumes, and we got to exchange small talks with some of them. there was a man who told us that they spent time, money, and effort for this festival with the hope of winning a prize. i'm not sure if i hear it right, but they are farmers and the prize, they say, could help them with their crops and all that kind of stuff. my heart goes out to them, really. it's no joke to prepare all these fancy and decorative costumes. they even had to paint their whole bodies black. and they were standing and walking under the heat of the sun for looooong hours having to carry all those crazily huge headdresses and props. for me, it was a sacrifice, but perhaps, they love what they were doing and they didn't see it as a sacrifice at all. may God bless them more.

we spent the rest of the day walking, eating, getting lost, waiting, and looking for each other in a sea of people. then, it was time to go home.

and perhaps, it's now time to leave it here, but before that, here are a few more random photos:

'til then!



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