the eighth of 2019

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

i just turned twenty-three, and i'm still having a hard to let things sink in. oh no, i am not getting any younger, but of course, i'm still young.

idk what to feel right now. all i know is, i’m grateful for this wonderful gift of life and for the little things that happened today.

my dad used to be one of the first persons to greet me on my special day with some kisses and some hugs, and since he left this earth, he never failed to be the first still. he'd usually show up in my dreams on the night before my birthday. aahh, i miss him big time! i still could not forget how he showed his sentiments on how he is both happy and sad about me growing up too fast.

this also marks my first anniversary at work. yep, i had my first day at work on the very day of my 22nd birthday, a precious birthday gift indeed.

i went to buy some food in the office as some little celebration for my birthday and oh my! i almost got hit by a rushing car. “almost.”

also, i got a free jeepney ride on the way home. yes, a free jeepney ride on my birthday. awesome, right? little back story: idk the driver but he told me that he recognized me being one of his passengers earlier today, and yeah, indeed i was. when i was about to pay, he told me it’s free because he was already about to go home and i was the last passenger that he picked up. how nice is that? i insisted to pay but he never accepted it, so i just uttered my genuine thank you to him.

and we just had a simple dinner at home with some extra food to celebrate my 23rd year of existence. i realized how i am truly blessed for having a family like mine. superdupermegaever

i feel like tears would run down my eyes any moment from now, but nope, this is not because i’m sad. i am actually happy — surely, truly, unarguably happy.

and that's my mega supportive mom right there. she usually would remind us that she is neutral, really, and doesn't have any favoritism among us three, but sometimes i just can't help but feel that i am her favorite. hahaha. that's half-meant! *winks

and that's it for today!



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