2018 year-end reflections

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

today marks the last day of my quick break for the holidays and the past days were really busy and a bit exhausting. i never really had the time to sit down and do some planning for 2019, but everything was fulfilling, anyway.

this day is a free day for me. i was supposed to have a meetup with two of my high school buddies, but i had to say no. i needed this day to take some rest before i go back to work.

i can’t believe we're in january once again. some days of 2018 felt so long, but most of them really went by too quickly. it wasn’t one of those best years, i may say, but i am still beyond grateful for it.

as a way to reflect, i have opted to answer the following questions that i have found in pinterest:

1) what is something i accomplished this year that i am proud of?

i actually thought i have not accomplished anything this year until i remember to go through the list of things that i wanted to accomplish since the beginning of 2018 (which i have actually mentioned in this post from last year). let’s see how many of them i can check off:
  • ✔ save a certain amount of money – i am happy that i was able to set aside some money from my own earnings. now, i am so pumped up to step up my saving game for 2019.
  • ✘ workout for a toned body and to be healthy as well – okay, i failed at this. i kind of started working out at home or at least do some quick stretches in the morning, but i wasn’t so consistent at it. also, i told myself to drop soda, but then it’s so hard to say no to it, especially since i started working and oops, not to mention all those fast foods we’ve had for snacks in the office.
  • ✔  buy something for myself – i have bought quite a few things for myself this year, including that one major purchase i have been wanting to get.
  • ✔  revamp my closet – well, i have started to let go of my old pieces and started buying a few new ones, so i think i can check this off. i’ve been trying to be intentional in buying my stuff, especially with my clothes, but i still had a fair share of those failed purchases – i bought them, wore them once, and never wore them again. 
  • ✘ start visiting places I’ve been eyeing to visit – well, i was able to visit a few new places this year, but not really the places that i’ve been wanting to visit. so i think, it’s a fail on this one.
  • ✘ bring my fambam somewhere they would love – i didn’t accomplish the above, same as this one. :(
  • ✔  help pay the bills at home – if there’s one thing i’ve been consistent in the past year, it’s helping on paying the bills at home. i kinda don’t feel guilty on plugging in devices at home anymore (lol), but i also became conscious on whatever that is on around the house. uhm, close the faucet very well ‘cos every drop counts. unplug the tv if not in use. yadda yadda yadda. adulting it is. haha =)
  • ✔  make new friends – i made a few new friends this year, but not really, but i think it could already be enough to tick this off, but i’m still carrying this goal forward in 2019.
  • ✘ read and learn more –  i was not reading as much as i wanted, but i have read some really good books and actually learned from them.

2) what is something i did this year that i think i will remember for the rest of my life?

i really didn’t do anything grand this 2018. i don’t think the past year is even eventful, to be really honest.  perhaps, the one that i will consider for this one is when i went with the job interview that i have once wanted to ditch because i felt like i wasn’t so ready for it, and here i am now, enjoying the job for nearly a year already.

3) what was the most challenging part of this year for me?

the first few months of 2018 were really rough for me. i was having some battle with myself. self-doubts and insecurities managed to creep in. they’ve been hunting me for months. all those times, i really felt i wasn’t enough. i was yearning for more. i’ve locked myself into my room and cried so many times. i felt like everyone was achieving something, while i was there, barely moving. but hey, i am all so fine now. really.

4) in what area do i feel i made my biggest improvements?

before, i wasn’t really good at managing my finances. i used to spend a lot and barely even saved, but now i have been quite mindful with my finances especially that i am already earning my own. also, i guess, i learned to be expressive and be a little bit showy of how i feel. i used to keep everything within myself, but kinda started sharing some stuff with my family and frieds, because dude, life is fragile. and i learned to say no a lot more. taking a little step into intentional living really helped me to do so.

5) if i could change one thing that happened this year, what would it be?

probably anyone says this, but i would really not change anything from the past year. they happened for a reason. good or bad, they brought me to where i am now. i could have been happier if things were different, or i could have also been in a terrible state, but, i won’t trade my spot right now to all those could-have-been’s. i’m pretty fine and contented to where i am now, and i am excited to continue to where i’m going.

6) what are the three most important things i have learned this year?
  • do not hold yourself back from feeling things. you, too, are human. it’s definitely okay to feel.
  • complaining will not help you solve your problems.
  • be happy on your own. you don’t need validation from anyone.
7) what was the nicest thing someone did for me this year?

being really thoughtful. it really made me kilig (not in a romantic way, okay) every time someone checked on me.

8) which person has made the biggest impact in my life this year and why?

i don’t wanna name names but i’ve met this person only this year and this person has introduced me to different things, especially passion, a really great person overall and i’m thanking god for sending this human into my life.

9)  what three adjectives best describe this year?
  • meh
  • exhausting
  • g r e a t
10) knowing what i know now, if i would travel back in time to the start of 2018, what advice would i give myself?

don’t rush. take things slow. go at your own pace and keep going.


i really had fun answering these q's, and i feel really light and thankful at the end of it. how was 2018 for you? i would be more than happy if you can answer any of these questions =) have a wonderful 2019 ahead!



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