in this place, i feel safe

Sunday, March 10, 2019

i couldn’t count how many times i’ve heard the fire truck siren today. there were grass fires here and there around the town, the nearest was a few meters away from our home earlier this afternoon.

i was having some watermelon after lunch when we heard a very loud siren. it’s pretty unusual because our place is far from the highway. we got alarmed by it and everyone left the dining table to check where the fire was. a neighbor was shouting like crazy. he was just joking, but it was never funny. i easily get nervous over shouts like that. anyway, i walked through where the neighbors were going and late have i realized that i was still carrying a fork with me (i was eating, remember?). *laughs*

there’s a hill a few meters away from our backyard and that’s where the fire was coming from. the fire truck couldn’t anymore go uphill so the firemen had to carry their equipment and some gallons of water on their backs. imagine the sacrifice plus it’s a sunday, a suppose family day, and the scorching heat of the sun was a little bit too much to handle. i was delighted to see some men from the neighborhood helped. the fire was completely put off a few hours after and i'm thankful for the heroes who helped.

it always makes my heart happy every time i see some act of bayanihan around our neighborhood, although i admit, i sometimes loathe the people around here because, on normal days, i feel like they’re not doing anything but gather around and talk about people behind their backs, but i’ve learned to appreciate the fact that when one is in need, the others are always ready to lend some hand as much as they could.

even though i sometimes think about living somewhere else in the years to come, a part of me still wants to stay. this is home, and in this place, i feel safe.

for now, i don’t think i can be safer in any other place but here.



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