what a quick february

Sunday, March 03, 2019

i would agree that february went by too quickly. literally, it’s the quickest given that it only has 28 days, but guess what, i had my period twice this month. i had it on the first and had it again on the 27th. i didn’t expect it and found it weird but i guess it still counts as normal.

so speaking about that, i pretty much had crazy days and crazy nights. i used to think pms is just all in the mind, but no, it’s really not. as much as i wanted to stay positive and all, the crazy negative emotions still found their way into my system. also, i felt like i needed more lambing in life. lol. but glad that everything is all so fine now. i’m already the normal me.

anyway, here are some snaps i took in february and some very quick story behind them.

if you don’t know yet, i am a pure probinsyana. i grew up in the province and been in the province my whole life yet. i haven’t set foot in manila until we had to pick my aunt up from naia last february 1st. and the sad thing is, i still haven’t experienced manila yet that much because we had to go back right away.

we had our lunch in this place and it was a little intimidating for me. lol.

as i’ve mentioned, we had to go back right away and our flight was almost two-hour delayed.

and hello there, say hi to my lola. she’s the best and i love her to bits. i spent most of my life with her since i don’t have papa around anymore and mama has always been busy with work. yep! i am a proud lola’s girl.

i generally don’t like butter on foods, but this buttered chicken is one of the exceptions. that photo was when i ate out with my office mates on the first friday of the month. we tried the newest food park in our place which is not yet a food park that much.

i never had a valentine but i am grateful for having to celebrate valentine’s day with the most important people in my life. nope, nobody left me some flowers. i bought them. hahaha.

blue lemonade on a valentine’s day.

i love these squid rings!

idk but i just love this photo i took while in mcdo on valentine’s night. also, i love the live band in the place and their jam that night.

took this in a cemetery when we attended a burial service of a neighbor who already had to go back to her eternal home.

lunched out with some college friends when anthony went home from manila for a very quick vacation.

i couldn’t count how many mirror selfie i do have now. lol. but this is another random one on a random night a few hours after work. from the background, you’ll see what time i took it. =)

here’s a quick snap while i was on my way to work.


and that sums up my february. if i have to rate this month, i think it’s 7/10, plus i failed miserably with my feb challenge which is to sleep before 11pm. it’s a complete failure, i may say. but i am a work in progress, and i believe i can still do it.



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