a pretty nice day

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

while i was on my way home for lunch today, i saw three kids along the way, around seven to ten years old i guess, two girls and a boy, sitting down under the shade of a tree. they were staring at me as i was walking towards their direction, the kind of stare as if they’re getting the right timing to say hi. i gave them a very slight smile as i was getting near, and when i walked past them, they called my attention and said, “gwapa ka bala, nang,” and they said it so kindly.

i was surprised. i got tongue-tied. i was not able to answer. i didn’t see that coming at all. i stopped for a second, looked back at them, and just smiled. then i went on walking. how i wish, though, i was able to stop by, even for a minute, and said hi to them, or at least just uttered the words “thank you,” but i didn’t. i wasn’t able to do so. i really didn’t know how to respond. it’s the first time i saw them. idk where they’re from. perhaps, they’re the kids from this new house a few meters away from ours or idk, but i'm hoping i can see them again.

tbh, such moment really uplifted my mood for the rest of the day. it made me smile, especially my heart, not because of the compliment but because i’ve seen the good in these kids. it’s so kind of them to give a compliment to someone they’ve only seen for the first time. they didn’t care about not getting any response or whatever. they just gave the compliment. that’s it.

i’m grateful for little moments like this. these are what i consider life’s little surprises, and if there’s anything i’ve learned, it’s not to hesitate to give genuine compliments, even to people we don’t know. there’s nothing to lose, really. we can even gain new friends. who knows?

and yeah, it was a pretty nice day, i may say.



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