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Monday, April 01, 2019

tbh, i don't have any definite idea how to always start my posts, or would this even be a decent introduction? but anyway, i'm trying to get better at this, and since another month has just ended, here's another monthly wrap up based on the photos i've taken, but before that, i'd just like to mention that march was a little eventful for me. yay!

i left home for a little while (with permission, ok? lol) and lived with my aunt for a week to accompany her. i am a roman catholic and my aunt and her family are inc, and she invited me to attend their service on the 2nd of march. i may say it wasn't that much far from the catholic's mass, except that theirs is a little more organized and the seats for the ladies are separate from the gentlemen.

i ate out with my friends for lunch last 8th of march at raffy's bistro. we originally planned to dine in cafe 1927, but unfortunately, when we arrived at the place, it was closed and was under renovation.

it was also on that same day when my sister had their computer ball. this girl always got my back. tbh, she got my back more than i got hers & she made lotsa stuff easy for me. and i admit, i'm never the best sister, not that i'm proud about that, but i'm working on it. i may not say it aloud often,  but i love this smol human being big time.

i again ate out with friends for dinner on a friday night at sigpum korean in pueblo de panay. it's always such a good time hanging out with them!

i always love it big time when i get to eat out with the whole family because it's not often that we get to do so. we dined in somewhere beside the beach for tita tin's birthday and we got to walk along the seashore under a bright full moon while our dinner is being served.

photo credits: quizenie ondillo

photo credits: artemio ebias jr.

nang levy, a college mate, got married! yaaay! so me and my college mates had some reason to hang out. this isn't my usual circle back then, but it was still a fun time with them! <3 we had a quick karaoke sesh, then colin gave us some ride home. yay thanks!

we celebrated manang che's (my cousin) 26th birthday. she is now in qatar and we sent some love from the philippines. <3 and yep, i wasn't in the photo 'cos i was the one taking it.

here's an old photo of me and manang che. ain't we cute? =)

i tried this happy chai for the first time. i forgot what flavor i got, my memory is a little bad when it comes to food and drinks. but what i'm saying is, i wasn't satisfied with how it tasted, or perhaps it isn't just my thing.

grateful to have some time to hang out with this busy human being. brought her a pair of shoes from a brand that she always wants. i admit i am not the perfect daughter, and i haven't been giving my mom a decent portion of my salary, just like what a normal asian/filipino home would expect we'd do. i only shoulder the bills at home (except the internet)  and i just give her some little allowance so she could buy something for herself, but it's not that often that i get to give her some allowance. so from time to time, i'd make sure to make up with it and buy her something that she's been eyeing to buy. my mom very seldom buys stuff for herself because, for her, it's always sayang if it's for her own. and as you can see, she's still on the line even on our supposed-to-be quality time. as far as i can remember, she's always been busy especially when we lost our dad. her job is too demanding and she's always on the line. i think she can never not turn on her phone. and most of the time, that's what we'd argue about.

i went back home and i asked my mom to pick me up from my aunt's house because i need help with my bags, and before we left for home, we had some quick chitchats first with my aunt (my mom's sister) and my cousin. also, we took a few groufies before leaving.

and as much as i didn't know how to start this post, i also don't know how to end this. lol. but i think that's all! ciao!



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