a sunday in my life

Sunday, May 26, 2019

i woke up at around eight and i counted the number of hours i was asleep. guess what, i had more or less, nine hours! oops, i kinda overslept, but i am so proud of myself for getting more sleep now.

and okay, i know this is never a good way to start my morning, but the first thing i did after that was grabbed my phone and watched two youtube videos. for the past few days, i have started the habit of not bringing my phone into bed, but last night, i lied down in bed after bath to watch some youtube videos, but then fell asleep unintentionally and i wasn’t able to keep my phone away from me, so yep.

after intentionally watching those videos, i got up from bed, grabbed my towel, headed to the kitchen and washed my mouth. i greeted my mom while she was getting breakfast because she was preparing for work. yep, on a sunday.

i then went inside the bathroom to take a bath. i was feeling a little stinky because i washed my hair with some natural coconut oil yesterday. i didn’t put shampoo nor a conditioner. thus, i felt like the oil was too much when i woke up and i badly needed to wash them off, so i did. i spent a little longer than usual in the shower, washed my hair with a shampoo, put on some hair conditioner, cleansed my face and applied some exfoliating body wash on my whole body.

i then let the towel absorb some of the water from my hair and let it air dry after. i did my quick & simple skin care routine and then took breakfast with my cousin. we had a glass of milk, bread, and some boiled bananas.

after refueling my stomach, i hang my laundry from yesterday under the sun to let them dry. then, i swept the floor and quickly looked after the tyangge. i then grabbed my laptop and started with my weekly reset routine on my digital stuff.

i planned to wash the bed sheets and the curtains that i took off from yesterday, but i don’t feel like doing it 'cos my mind says, “laundries are for saturdays, not for sundays,” (or perhaps that was just the monkey inside my head telling me to procrastinate), so okay. i need to better my time management to make sure that i get all laundries done on saturdays.

have i told you that sunday lunches at home are my favorite? yep! i really love sunday lunches because i get to have them with the whole family and the food in the table are a little extra.

after lunch, i again spent some time in front of my laptop, while overhearing some conversation from my brother and his friends. nope, i am not eavesdropping. it's just that my room is too near to their tambayan and there's no way i can unhear them when i'm here. anyway, they were talking how back-to-school is getting so near again, and they were kinda making fun, practicing how they would introduce themselves to the class, if ever, in such a comical way.

i spent the rest of the afternoon just lazing around and looking after the tyannge. i had an afternoon nap for an hour and it rained. i was supposed to go to church with my cousin but it got cancelled because of the rain. church is not something we should cancel but i'm sorry about that. also, to be honest, i am really not a church goer, because part of me doesn't believe in my religion's practices, but that's a story for another time.

we then had some banana cue that my grandma cooked for merienda. after that, i watched more youtube videos and covered my books, then more youtube videos.

i've been feeling really great since the time i've been away from social media, and admittedly, i don't feel like going back. i realized how superficial the connections i had with some people in there. some might probably have just talked to me because they saw me posted something and they were bored, so they took it as an opportunity to open a topic. i am not saying that this is absolutely true, but it could be. nope, i don't mean it any bad way, okay? right now, i am certain that when people message me, i know that they are being intentional, or at least that's how i think it is. and to be honest, i've only talked to a very few people virtually for about two weeks now. i swear, i can count them by my fingers in one hand, and these are the ones who really matter to me.

i had dinner with the whole family and my mom. i'm happy she was able to arrive in time for our dinner because these days, we seldom share a meal with her. she has been too busy with work, and that's one of the things that we often argue about, but i'm trying my best to help her manage her time so she could spend a day with us at least in a week, but before i can completely do that, i need to better mine first. it's a process and i hope we'll get there.

overall, it was such a gratifying sunday. i'm thankful. 



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It's A Wrap: April 2019

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

The first of April was my dad's supposed to be 48th birthday on earth, but I haven't taken any picture on that day. I am not a fan of grand celebrations or whatnot, and being able to share some good food with the whole family in the dinner table is already enough for me, so that's what we did. We just had a normal dinner at home. And I miss my dad big time. Unlike me, he was a fan of celebrations and parties, and perhaps if he's still here, we would have been having some Karaoke with the family and friends. I can still imagine his smiles and laughter and his funny dance movements whenever he's happy. How I wish he's still here, but maybe, he's happier to where he is now and probably, it's for the better.

Mom and Manang Jackie celebrated their birthday on the 6th and I treated them with lunch together with this bunch! =) Manang Jackie is mom's friend who she met from work, then eventually I also became friends with her. It's just awesome how they share the same birthday.

Also, on the same day, I attended the Christening of Amarah, my new goddaughter. I was not able to attend the ceremony in church 'cos we had a hard time looking for the place. After roaming around for a few minutes, the only choice we had was to go straight to the reception.

I again ate out dinner with Nang Levy and Tiny at Cafe Felisa. We're trying to make this some Friday habit so we could try every restaurant in our place. Remember when I mentioned about this eating place in this blog post from last year? Lol. The place was nice, the food was good, but we can't order in groups. If you're in a group and you want to order different dishes that any one of you can try and then pair those with a platter of rice or two, then this place is not for you 'cos their serving is per person.

I had some quality time with one of my best friends and my mom. We visited "The Edge of Roxas City." It's kinda a new thing here in our town and people visit it for some Instagram-worthy post. Lol. After we visited the place, we decided to have dinner near the beach and we all agreed to dine in Coco Veranda. This was actually a little spontaneous and yep, I may say, unplanned moments are indeed one of the best. I must be so blessed to have a mom who spends time with my friends and vice versa. <3

I had a Boracay trip with this bunch during the Lenten season and although the trip ain't some easy breezy one, I still enjoyed it a lot, especially since I got to spend more time with my mom and my brother. Unfortunately, my sister wasn't there, but I am really hoping to have another Boracay trip with her and the whole fam in the nearest future.

It was our sitio's religious fiesta on the last Saturday of April, but this time, we didn't celebrate it. We used to, for some reason, but around this time, we need to be practical, so we opted not to. Plus the fact, as I mentioned, that I am not a fan of this kind of celebrations, but in connection with the fiesta, for the second time this month, I am again a godmother. Say hi to my cutest godson, Jayroe.

And aaaaahhh another cutiepie! He's Manoy Enmark's son. Manoy Enmark is our neighbor but he now lives somewhere else with his own family and I very seldom see this kid, but he's too adorable, right? I love kids! I really do!

And I guess, that's it! It was another eventful month, I may say. Huuraaah!



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back at this again

and here i am again, saying hello to this little corner in the interweb for the nth time. this blog has been up for quite some time already but for some reason, i have left it dusted for a while.

to be honest, i couldn’t anymore count how many times i attempted to blog here for good, but all those attempts in the past ended up failing.

if you don’t know yet, my blogging journey started on tumblr in 2013. i was using tumblr since 2011, but all I did then was reblog anything that tickles my fancy until I finally decided to create another account that would serve as some kind of an online diary for me, especially since that i was only about to start college at that time, and i didn’t have any idea what’s ahead. it’s safe to say that it fairly served its purpose. it became a place of my college shenanigans and all that kind of jazz, although i had to leave it for a while due to the time and focus that college and board exam did require.

and okay, college was done. i got my diploma. i went to review school, took the board exam, and finally, the once CPA aspirant is now a CPA for real, but in between the taking of the exam and the releasing of the results, i had to find something to keep me distracted and off from my anxious thoughts. undeniably, i have already grown to love and enjoy blogging, and so the first thing i did as soon as I moved back home after the board exam was fixed my tumblr blog and hoped that I’d go back to it for good. i actually did, but being human as I am, i felt a little discontented in that space. i was longing for more. i was hoping to step up my blogging game. thus, i did my best to figure things out here in Blogspot. i have already made up my mind to move here for real, but after a little while, I suddenly longed for the kind of comfort that tumblr has brought me for years. so i abandoned this blog once more and went back to tumblr – the one i used to call home. from there, i was able to vent things out and made some new virtual friends, a few that i still treasure up to this very day.

now you may ask why i am back here again, and let me tell you, i am not sure if this is any definite answer, but things are just getting a bit overwhelming for me in tumblr. they are not anymore the same. the comfort is still there, but not anymore as good as it was before. or perhaps we all just grow up and things indeed change. thus, i’m here.

now that i am finally here, what can you expect from this space?

well, please don’t expect anything, really. for now, i don’t have anything else to share, but my sentiments, random thoughts, reflections, daily experiences and stuff like that. you may not find anything worthy for you, but these stuff means a lot to me, and they’re basically part of who i am at present. if you know me, i am not the very makwento type. i’d rather listen than tell my own, but in this place, it’d be quite the other way around, except that you’re reading rather than listening.

and by this time, i don’t think i still have more to say, but if you wanna know more something about me, you can hop into my about page. if you wonder what I was writing about in tumblr way back, i gotcha! i’ve transferred them all in here, so if you fancy reading them, feel free to scroll through the past entries (but by the time i’m publishing this, i’m prolly not yet done transferring errthing, but i swear i’ll get them all up soon).

and hey you, yes you! thank you for stopping by. if you have anything in mind, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter. if you wish, you can also shoot me an email at basicallymariz@gmail.com or through my contact form. if you want to go anonymous, you can head over to my ask.fm profile. i’d really love to connect with you.

guess that’s all for now. halong y’all!



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sincerely, riz