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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

and here i am again, saying hello to this little corner in the interweb for the nth time. this blog has been up for quite some time already but for some reason, i have left it dusted for a while.

to be honest, i couldn’t anymore count how many times i attempted to blog here for good, but all those attempts in the past ended up failing.

if you don’t know yet, my blogging journey started on tumblr in 2013. i was using tumblr since 2011, but all i did then was reblog anything that tickles my fancy until i finally decided to create another account that would serve as some kind of an online diary for me, especially since that i was only about to start college at that time, and i didn’t have any idea what’s ahead. it’s safe to say that it fairly served its purpose. it became a place of my college shenanigans and all that kind of jazz, although i had to leave it for a while due to the time and focus that college and board exam did require.

and okay, college was done. i got my diploma. i went to review school, took the board exam, and finally, the once cpa aspirant is now a cpa for real, but in between the taking of the exam and the releasing of the results, i had to find something to keep me distracted and off from my anxious thoughts. undeniably, i have already grown to love and enjoy blogging, and so the first thing i did as soon as i moved back home after the board exam was fixed my tumblr blog and hoped that i’d go back to it for good. i actually did, but being human as i am, i felt a little discontented in that space. i was longing for more. i was hoping to step up my blogging game. thus, i did my best to figure things out here in blogger. i have already made up my mind to move here for real, but after a little while, i suddenly longed for the kind of comfort that tumblr has brought me for years. so i abandoned this blog once more and went back to tumblr – the one i used to call home. from there, i was able to vent things out and made some new virtual friends, a few that i still treasure up to this very day.

now you may ask why i am back here again, and let me tell you, i am not sure if this is any definite answer, but things are just getting a bit overwhelming for me in tumblr. they are not anymore the same. the comfort is still there, but not anymore as good as it was before. or perhaps we all just grow up and things indeed change. thus, i’m here.

now that i am finally here, what can you expect from this space?

well, please don’t expect anything, really. for now, i don’t have anything else to share, but my sentiments, random thoughts, reflections, daily experiences and stuff like that. you may not find anything worthy for you, but these stuff mean a lot to me, and they’re basically part of who i am at present. if you know me, i am not the very makwento type. i’d rather listen than tell my own, but in this place, it’d be quite the other way around, except that you’re reading rather than listening.

and by this time, i don’t think i still have more to say, but if you wanna know more something about me, you can hop into my about page. if you wonder what i was writing about in tumblr way back, i gotcha! i’ve transferred them all in here, so if you fancy reading them, feel free to scroll through the past entries (but by the time i’m publishing this, i’m prolly not yet done transferring errthing, but i swear i’ll get them all up soon).

and hey you, yes you! thank you for stopping by. if you have anything in mind, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. you can also find me on instagram and twitter. if you wish, you can also shoot me an email at or through my contact form. if you want to go anonymous, you can head over to my profile. i’d really love to connect with you.

guess that’s all for now. halong y’all!



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