'twas an eventful month, april!

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

the first of april was my dad's supposed to be 48th birthday on earth, but i haven't taken any picture on that day. i am not a fan of grand celebrations or whatnot, and being able to share some good food with the whole family in the dinner table is already enough for me, so that's what we did. we just had a normal dinner at home. and i miss my dad big time. unlike me, he was a fan of celebrations and parties, and perhaps if he's still here, we would have been having some karaoke with the family and friends. i can still imagine his smiles and laughter and his funny dance movements whenever he's happy. how i wish he's still here, but maybe, he's happier to where he is now and probably, it's for the better.

mom and manang jackie celebrated their birthday on the 6th and i treated them with lunch together with this bunch! =) manang jackie is mom's friend who she met from work, then eventually i also became friends with her. it's just awesome how they share the same birthday.

also, on the same day, i attended the christening of amarah, my new goddaughter. i was not able to attend the ceremony in church 'cos we had a hard time looking for the place. after roaming around for a few minutes, the only choice we had was to go straight to the reception.

i again ate out dinner with my friends at cafe felisa. we're trying to make this some friday habit so we could try every restaurant in our place. remember when i mentioned about this eating place in this blog post from last year? lol. the place was nice, the food was good, but we can't order in groups. if you're in a group and you want to order different dishes that any one of you can try and then pair those with a platter of rice or two, then this place is not for you 'cos their serving is per person.

i had some quality time with one of my best friends and my mom. we visited "the edge of roxas city." it's kinda a new thing here in our town and people visit it for some instagram-worthy post. lol. after we visited the place, we decided to have dinner near the beach and we all agreed to dine in coco veranda. this was actually a little spontaneous and yep, i may say, unplanned moments are indeed one of the best. i must be so blessed to have a mom who spends time with my friends and vice versa. <3

i had a boracay trip with this bunch during the lenten season and although the trip ain't some easy breezy one, i still enjoyed it a lot, especially since i got to spend more time with my mom and my brother. unfortunately, my sister wasn't there, but i am really hoping to have another boracay trip with her and the whole fam in the nearest future.

it was our sitio's religious fiesta on the last saturday of april, but this time, we didn't celebrate it. we used to, for some reason, but around this time, we need to be practical, so we opted not to. plus the fact, as i mentioned, that i am not a fan of this kind of celebrations, but in connection with the fiesta, for the second time this month, i am again a godmother. say hi to my cutest godson, jayroe.

and aaaaahhh another cutiepie! he's manoy enmark's son. manoy enmark is our neighbor but he now lives somewhere else with his own family and i very seldom see this kid, but he's too adorable, right? i love kids! i really do!

and i guess, that's it! it was another eventful month, i may say. huuraaah!



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