another dining experience at cafe terraza

Sunday, June 09, 2019

i asked my mom to dine out on friday after work, but she had something to attend to (as always), so she promised we'll have it the next day. it got me a little frustrated, but well... that's my mom. what shall i expect? perhaps i just needed to understand, so okay.

then there comes saturday. i stayed at home pretty much the whole day. i did nothing, to be honest. i wasn't just in my best self. i slept a lot! it was such a legit lazy day, then around 4pm, my mom messaged me asking if we're still gonna go. i kinda wanted to say no, 'cos i was lazy, but i can't just say no to my mom like that, so i said yes and started getting ready. i just woke up from a long afternoon nap by that time, by the way.

we agreed to meet in gaisano blvd, and i withdrew some cash before that because i don't have anything left to spend anymore, and i assume it was my treat so it was pretty much needed.

i window-shopped as i was waiting for my mom. i didn't plan to buy anything because everything from that day was not in my budget, even the dinner... (ops now i have to tweak it lol) but i was already so close to buying a pair of leggings because i thought i needed it since i started working out (or not really working out, just jogging) 'cos i lost my old pair, sadly. good thing, nobody was there to assist and i didn't feel like approaching any salesperson, although there's many of them nearby, so i think i'm saving that the next time around. hooray for not spending!

and i received a call from my mom that she's already there, and i thought it was only her, but she was with ate alma, their supervisor from manila. although i was kinda expecting that she was just by herself, i was also open to the fact that she might be bringing someone with her because, well, i know my mom and i pretty much don't mind if she brings anyone with her. haha.

we agreed to dine in cafe terraza and i'm glad that we have chosen such a great spot. we had a good view, there was a live band (though it didn't stay long), and it was a little windy! i love the fresh air. also, if you don't know yet, cafe terraza is on top of a hill, that's why i love it there.

we had some chitchats about life and being single (lol) while waiting for our food. ate alma is still single, but she has a boyfriend and she told us stories about the difficulties she had gone through on the early days of her adulthood, also how she enjoyed being single 'cos she pretty much was able to go from places to places. the conversation actually started with her saying, "mariz, ang sarap maging single nu?" of course, i agreed. i couldn't agree more. at some days, i've got sentiments about it, which i guess is a story for another time, but i am wholly enjoying it as of now.

and here comes our food! we ordered the following (okay, please congratulate me 'cos i pretty much remembered everything that we had that night, i'm writing this down the next day, by the way haha):
  • sinigang na tanigue
  • baked scallops
  • prawns with aligue sauce
  • a platter of garlic rice
  • an avocado shake (ate alma's)
  • a mango shake (mom's)
  • caramel frost frappe (mine)

if i had to rate everything that we had that night, here it goes:
  • sinigang na tanigue - ★★★★☆ or i might just be biased 'cos i love sinigang! =)
  • baked scallops - ★★★★★ this is my favorite of all and is something that i'd always go back for.
  • prawns with aligue sauce - ★★★☆☆ i love prawns, but maybe i just don't like it with an aligue sauce, so perhaps i won't have this the next time around.
  • a platter of garlic rice - ★★★☆☆ i'd rate it better if the rice was cooked a little more dry and i guess, i just prefer plain than the garlic one.
  • caramel frost frappe - ★★★☆☆ i tried and it wasn't that bad, but the next time, i guess, i'll try some other ones, those i haven't tried at all yet.
after we ate, we stayed for a little while then stood up and took a few photos around the place. it would have been better if there was daylight but anyway, it was still pretty great although, it just wasn't a time for me for good photos. albeit that fact, here are the two photos from that night that i love despite the bad lighting.

btw, i find it a whole lot better if you have your own vehicle once you decide to dine in here. otherwise, you'll need spare time, some patience in your pocket, and the willingness to walk a little distance, if ever. but i guess, there's a shuttle to pick you up from there if you're willing to wait yet if there's none, i think you have to inform the guard on duty so they can call one for you. however, i don't think this service is available at night. i haven't tried yet.

to wrap it up, i had a pretty great night! it was something i didn't think i needed, but i felt a whole lot better that night after dining out. also, i will never mind going back to this place for the nth time already! =)



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