thankful for september

Monday, October 07, 2019 Philippines

nothing much happened in september except that we celebrated my sister's 21st birthday on the 8th. wow, i can't believe she's already 21. it was also on the same day when we were able to have a family picture for the first time in a while, and certainly it's my most favorite picture from this year so far.

we're not so much into birthday parties and stuff, but this time we decided to just prepare some extra food for my sister's friends to come over. it was fun, and at the end of the day, it warms my heart to hear a genuine thank you from her. <3 nothing beats such feeling.

it was also in september when i watched a movie in the cinema alone for the very first time and had my eyebrows threaded also for the first time. it was some kind of a me-time for me and it felt great!

that's when i arrived home after some me-time

i don't think i have much to say for this month's wrap up. i am just thankful for all the people that i am meeting along the way, no matter how temporary they may get. each one, i believe, is a blessing and is bringing some lesson for me to learn.

another family photo to end this post <3



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