happy birthday, brother!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 Philippines

perhaps this would be some kind of a photo dump entry 'cos basically i'll just be sharing some photos i took during my brother's 18th birthday. we ate out with the family in a restaurant and i’d like to mention how accommodating the staff was. he’s very kind and patient and never failed to make sure we’ve got everything we needed. he even asked their singer to sing a birthday song to my brother. and yep, the live band was such a plus!

and of course, i had to order my favorite baked scallops, but whooops, that was a little pricey. i didn’t expect we’d only get six pieces for the price. anyway, i’d rate it 6/10.

of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without pancit!

this is their tempura and i'd rate it 5/10.

hooray to more family photos! <3

ending this blog post with a short clip during that night =)



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