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Sunday, November 24, 2019 Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

i never really thought that i could go visit bacolod too soon. i mean, it wasn't really in one of the first places i've planned to see, yet it just happened.

as i've mentioned in my october wrap up post, my mom's workmate from another branch (and that is in bacolod) visited our town for the first time and it was awesome how she really got along with everyone that we were even encouraged to visit her current town a few weeks after that, and in case you're wondering, yes, i am fairly friends with mom's workmates. it's because i occasionally visit their workplace and she often brings me to some of their get-together or simply just some quick bonding time outside work, and yep, every time they arrange some short getaway, they never forget to invite me/us (by us, i mean, me and my siblings), and since it was a weekend and a holiday at the same time, of course, i couldn't say no.

it was saturday, the 2nd of november, when we left our town and started traveling to iloilo city, where we rode a ferry to bacolod city. we agreed to leave our town around 5am, but, it's a shame to admit, we left the when it was already around 7am. our first stop was ted's la paz batchoy in jaro, iloilo. we just badly needed to fill our growling stomach after around three hours of traveling through a bus.

after refilling our tummies, we then asked for some directions on how to get to fort san pedro, then rode a jeepney. a few minutes after, the jeepney that we were into had some trouble that we needed to stop and get off from it. the driver tried to troubleshoot, but to no avail, so we were asked to transfer.

upon arriving at the port, we immediately fell in line to buy our tickets, then paid the terminal fee. we then waited for a while until we were already able to get into the ferry and started sailing.

after an hour or two, finally, we were already in bacolod city. as soon as we got off, we rode a tricycle to their bacolod branch and met some new faces. we never really had any itinerary, and so we needed their suggestions.  we also did not have any place to stay for the night, so they suggested that we can visit mambukal spring resort where we can book a place to stay.

however, we first needed to get some late lunch. it was already past 2pm that time, yet before grabbing some food, we stopped by their public plaza, which is known to be the heart of the masskara festival, to quickly take some photos.

first are my solo photos featuring the iconic checkered flooring of the plaza.

then, there's me and my mom...

and fyi, this is the first travel that i've ever had with my childhood best friend. yep, my childhood best friend is my mom's office mate. she's fairly new, actually, but because she's friendly and bubbly, it seems like she's been with the company for years already. she has her ways to not make the atmosphere boring, really fun to be with, and she is already pretty close with everyone!

and of course, the mandatory group photos...

nope, we didn't forget to have some photos with the bandstand.

that's it for the very first part of our bacolod adventure. there are a few more to come! i am committing to posting them every weekend, probably around this same time too, or maybe not, but i promise i'll put them all out to make my future self happy, in case i wanna look back in the years to come. =)



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