'twas an eventful october

Sunday, November 17, 2019 Philippines

hello! i'm back for another late monthly wrap up. i must admit, i still struggle with being consistent with this blog, but it's still something i've been trying to work on. well, for sure, updating is never an obligation, but i'd just like to throw updates every now and then, not for anyone but for myself. idk how many times i've already mentioned this, but i want this blog to be a place where i track my progress at life. of course, if i post often, it would be something that i'd be grateful in the future.

anyway, october started out great. well, perhaps i can say, it was an eventful month.


i actually made sure that before the month started, i already set up my bullet journal for the month. it's actually my most favorite set-up so far. i did quite good in tracking my habits, although i was only good at tracking but never good with the habits. lol. talking about this, i am a little tempted to open my bullet journal right now, but i think i'd choose not to. for some reason, i am in hiatus for such thing for this month of november, and i don't want to pressure myself with it. i am in the process of contemplating on what really works for me, something that i'd look forward to, not something that i feel like an obligation to do, and maybe taking a break from it won't hurt.

10-08-2019 // we welcomed a visitor in our town. actually she's my mom's visitor, a workmate from another branch, and i was just tagged along. we ate dinner in a simple restaurant by the beach. we actually quite ordered more of what we can take, so that made us so full for the night. we then dropped her by to her hotel where she was checked in for her whole stay in the town. then, mom and i headed home.

10-11-2019 // we celebrated my brother's 18th birthday which i talked more about in this post. wow, i can't even believe he's eighteen now, and already has a girlfriend.

10-13-2019 // we visited istorya forest farm to try their lunch buffet and took lots of photos around the place. it was the first time i got there. i am creating a separate entry for this one to share the many photos that i took (hopefully lol).

and i can't get enough of these sunset photos i took while we were in transit on our way home from istorya. i never put filter on these photos 'cos i simply don't wanna ruin their beauty.

10-19-2019 // went to the cemetery to do some cleaning for the upcoming november 1st and here are a few snaps i took while we were on the way. the photos look serene aren't they?

10-25-2019 // here is another sunset photo that i took as we were about to do some grocery shopping. and yep, it's another filter-free photo 'cos it's already beautiful as it is.

10-26-2019 // and here goes a photo of a sun rising, still filter-free. this was taken before we hop into the boat and cruise all the way to olotayan island.

and that's a glimpse of the beautiful olotayan island, as well as the people i was with. and again, i might create a separate entry for this trip so i can share the many photos that i took during that day.

to be honest, i was greatly exhausted after the olotayan trip that i can barely even function as a human being right after i got home. i was running out of breath, and nope, i am not even exaggerating. the last activity we had really squeezed all my energy off of me, but anyway, the exhaustion was all washed away (but not really lol) after i received this stuff from my youngest cousin as her pasalubong for me after she came home from cebu. it's a 2020 planner and a string bag. aaahh... she knows me too well!


and i guess, that's all for october. i am actually planning to think of some better format for this monthly wrap up that i think i'd implement by the beginning of next year. gosh! cliche, but time flies! we're now down to the last two months of this year. oh no! i need to start getting my shizz together before this year ends.



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