a camping experience

Saturday, November 30, 2019 Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

first off, here's the first part of this trip, and after stopping by the bacolod city public plaza, we headed to the nearest jollibee to have our late lunch. i remember my stomach was already growling at that time.

anyway, after refilling our stomach, we rode a taxi to mambukal resort. it was a pretty long ride and it started raining. it was raining the whole time we were traveling. good thing, it already subsided when we arrived at the resort.

upon arrival, we were greeted by the security guards on duty and were asked if we have any reservation, and nope, we didn't have any. and guess what's the news we got next? it was fully booked. yep, you heard that right. it was fully booked, but nope, nope. it wasn't any bad news after all 'cos they offered us if we're willing to avail their tents instead. and of course, do we have any choice? i mean, did we travel for more than half an hour only to go back again just because it was fully booked? of course not. lol. so we availed their tents that could hold at most four persons at php600.00 each. we were six, so we had rented two tents for an overnight stay.

after a few instructions from the security guard, we started walking to the camp site, so we can place out belongings and take a quick rest, if possible. i was already a bit tired at that time after the long drives that we had before we were able to get there.

the sound of the flowing water is actually pretty relaxing. and i just wanna take a moment to appreciate my mom. i wouldn't be able to get here, really, if not because of her. i love her to bits, like dangggg idk what i'd do without her.

and here are a few more photos of the place that i have taken while we were making our way to the campsite.

there were quite too many people in the place at that time. mostly are families and some groups of youngsters.

and we're now almost near the camp site and we quickly stopped by to take some photos along the slippery road.

and finally, we're here!

we arranged ourselves inside the tent, took a rest for quite some time, changed our clothes, then decided to roam around the place.

this is the boiling mud area not too far from our tents, and for some reason the smell of this particular place is a little stinky.

i really love the place. it's peaceful and relaxing. there is something unwinding with the forest-y vibe of the place.

after our leisure walk, we finally decided to grab some dinner.

but of course, it's not me if i don't have any mango shake. =) after dinner, we went back to our tents and got ready to take a rest. since i didn't have any internet connection that time, i was able to go to sleep early. pretty much needed.

and that wraps up our first few hours of stay in mambukal resort.



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