my childhood best friend

Thursday, November 14, 2019 Philippines

this is my childhood best friend and we’ve been friends since i cannot remember when.

i grew up with no much freedom to play with the kids from the neighborhood because the ‘rents were afraid that i’d pick up the not-so-good manners they have, and it’s only with her to whom i was allowed to play. she’d go to our house pretty much every day to play bahay-bahayan with me. we’d trim some leaves from my granny’s garden as if they were vegetables that we can cook. we’d cut a few of coupon bonds into smaller pieces so we’d have money to spend.

yep, we did a lot of crazy stuff like that together as kids, but as we grew up, we also grew apart. even if our place is just a few houses from theirs, we barely saw each other for years. the laughter and fun times we’ve once shared when we were younger, turned into just quick hi’s and hello’s.

nope, the closeness never vanished, though. there was never any awkward air. i am still the most comfortable me when i’m with her. it’s just that we became not anymore each other’s priority. we met new friends on our separate ways. my interests now may not be anymore her interests and hers might not be mine anymore either, but it’s all good. i greatly appreciate the differences that we now have and i’m happy that we finally have some time to bond these days despite the crazy schedules we have as we’re adult-ing.

most people see me as quiet and boring, while she’s a very bubbly lady with a very lively personality, and that makes everything balanced when we are together.

she’s turning 23 today, and i’d just like the world to know how much i appreciate this human being. 



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