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Saturday, December 14, 2019 Philippines

we're almost halfway done now with the last month of this year and surely, 2020 is now all around the corner. in a few days we'll already be welcoming another year, and welp, another decade. and, i'll also be in my 24th year of existence in less than a month from now. danggg. that sounds crazy! 2020 will really be something and i'm claiming it to be my year.

for the past years since i got out of college, i've really been a mess. i've been too confused at life. most of the time, i just didn't know what to do or if i am even doing the things right. i've been trying to live the years one day at a time -- waking up, going to work, getting back home, wasting my time on social media, going to bed late and the cycle goes on. pretty much unhealthy, i know.

i've been stressed too many times and nope, of course, i don't want to go through the same cycle over and over again. thus, i decided to utilize the remaining few weeks of 2019 to observe myself and come up with ways to lessen the stress and change up some routine one step a time to make my life a little bit better.

in november, i took out all the unnecessary pressure and opted to just go with the flow. i allowed myself to be one huge mess for awhile and gave myself permission to make irrational decisions -- decisions that came out of my emotions rather than my sane self. i never pushed myself too hard during this month. i did things as they pleased me. i allowed the monkey inside my head to win this time.

after i have loosen up for a month, in december, i decided to start getting back on track as a way to prepare for 2020. i kicked it off with getting organized and writing things down, and oh boy, it's been making such a huge impact in my life. the simple act of getting stuff out of my head and putting them down somewhere else where i can go back to anytime is such a lifesaver.

i have came up with a system that is currently working for me that i am prolly bringing into 2020. physically, i am keeping a bullet journal that is fairly minimal. it is never fancy unlike anyone else's, but it certainly serves its function. the only pages that i have in there are my monthly calendar, habit tracker, monthly budget page, daily expense tracker, weekly spread and a little space for some random scribbles here and there. that's just it.

i am planning to add a few spreads in 2020 and probably get rid of a few ones since i'll also be utilizing my 2020 planner that was given to me by my cousin. as much as possible, i'd like to minimize my planning to only one notebook, but i just can't not use the planner because the pages were designed for 2020 and not for any other year, and i don't want to put it into waste so i really have to use it. i can't drop my bullet journal either because the planner is pretty restrictive. so yeah, that explains why i'm having both in 2020.

i don't know about you, but i never write anything work-related in my personal planner (as by the word itself, "personal") aka my bullet journal. thus, i don't bring it at work. this really helps me separate work from my personal life, and vice versa, and this means that i don't have it in my bag on a daily basis. does it still serve its purpose? for me, yes, it still perfectly does.

what about if i needed to write something down while i'm on a commute or while at work or basically when i'm out and about, you may ask? well... google notes does the job. since i have my phone with me 99% of the time, i use google notes mobile app as my collecting tray. it collects basically everything -- from the stuff that i need to do to the random ideas that i have thought of, and whatnot. then, by the time that i get my hands on my bullet journal, i transfer them. this is also where i try to copy my to-do list for the day, so i have it handy whenever wherever.

aside from bullet journal, i use an online software called asana to keep track and manage my life. the list that i can make in this software is pretty unlimited and i love the fact that i can separate them into projects which makes everything more organized. this online software is actually designed to manage a team's work and i'm glad i have learned its rope since this is what we use for work. it is definitely of great help! personally, i am currently using the free version and i am pretty much satisfied with it already, but you can always upgrade to premium or business at a cost. nope, this is not sponsored.

my asana contains all kinds of list, including those that i haven't put into my bullet journal just yet. basically, asana serves as another collecting tray for me and is especially convenient whenever i am brainstorming in front of my computer.

in summary, my bullet journal and google notes do most of the work, while asana is there for some backup. mostly, it has the list of those things that i don't need to act upon anytime soon. i don't depend much on it because it is online, and i can never assure that i always have a decent internet connection, but it is still incredibly helpful for me that's why i can't eliminate it despite that fact.

on a separate note, i revamped this blog for a fresh start. please don't ask me how many times i have did so, 'cos i honestly can't count already. there's just something satisfying in changing my blog's layout and keeping some good ol' posts back in my drafts. i might or might not put them back, but as for now, i am sufficiently satisfied of how it is at the moment.

i've done all the revamping whilst i'm sick. i haven't been productive over this weekend because of flu, so i took it as some high time to work on the blog. i think, i'm back! ~for real~

how have y'all been doing? are you excited for 2020 just as i am? how do you get your life organized? do you also fancy using bullet journals?



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