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Sunday, June 14, 2020 Philippines

oh, it's been awhile since the last time i did a sunday currently entry of some sort. i am not sure, though, if a sunday currently type of entry is even currently visible in this blog 'cos i still have most of the entries here in private. the past entries are from tumblr, so they need some few fixes still (i am manually transferring them from there to here), then i can put them in public soon. no one cares anyway, but i just have to mention that.

so currently, i am....


i am reading my old blog entries when i was still in tumblr, and some of the stuff... i can't believe i have written them. as i was reading through, i can feel how comfortable i was to share to no-one-in-particular what i actually felt back then. it seemed to be so freeing. i remember how tumblr saved me back in those days. i've learned so much from that platform. i discovered a lot in myself. i gained friends, and that's where i got most of the motivation and inspiration to create, to write, and to share my two cents.

on another note, i am trying to finish the atomic habits by this month. i don't read it everyday, but when i do, i read it actively. by that, i mean, i have my pen and notebook in hand to write down notes. it's a great read, so far. i only have the pdf copy of it since i don't want to splurge on a physical book right now (i'm trying to minimize  my spendings as well as the things i own), that's why i'm writing down notes on a separate notebook.


admittedly, i have been in a writer's block for sooooooo long now. i haven't recovered since. i'm trying to write stuff every now and then, but i don't find them to be one of my ~writings~. most of the time, i'm only writing to get things off my chest. and actually, writing down this blog post is just another shot at it.


at this very moment, i am listening to the karaoke sesh of the guys from the neighborhood, but pretty recently, i have been replaying taylor swift's song, "ours," over and over again. "so don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine." i have this last song syndrome over that song for weeks now, particularly that very line. lol. also,  my heart is in a good place right now, so i might as well share this playlist i've created in spotify to spread some happy hearts in the atmosphere hehe =)


i have been thinking of a lot of things lately. so much has been happening. i wonder where this current situation could take us. how long would this pandemic last? what's in store for us in the future? this world is gradually changing. we are now in a "new normal." also, i am not in  my fullest potential right now. what am i gonna do? where will life take me? how far will my recent decisions would go? aaahhh, there's a lot inside my head right now. too many questions with answers that i am yet to find. i need to remind myself to stop overthinking, talk to God, trust and have faith in Him. i need to talk to God.


i am hoping for strength and courage -- strength to go on and courage to fight. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us by far. we're only in the first half of the year, and it's been too much already. i hope the coming days will be better. i hope we will all be more understanding and cooperative. i hope the good will overweigh the bad. i hope. i really do hope so.


i need to talk to God and i badly need to pick myself up once more. quite frankly, my weekends have been so lazy these days. i've been living inside my head while my actual life is quite in a mess. i haven't even had a  money date in a while now, and money date, for me, is basically just a time i spend with myself to tackle my finances. i actually talked about how i do it in this entry. so right now, after i publish this one, i need to do my weekly reset (i might talk more about this in one of the blog posts that are yet to come) and write in my journal. these are my first two steps in picking myself up.


can't deny that i am currently feeling ~meh~ as of the moment, and i actually just gave myself a little more push to start this blog post in hopes to find some drive to do a few things that i've been needing to do over the weekend. also, at the same time, i am feeling grateful and blessed for having a mom who cooks so well. she cooked batchoy for us earlier today and aaaahhhh, i’m not being biased, but it's one of the bests! it's been years since the last time she cooked batchoy (she used to sell them back in the days when she had a little carinderia for a living) and i actually didn't expect that it would taste so good! okay, i think, i can now stop getting/eating batchoy outside. yes, i'm serious.


this sunday currently entry is actually a life-saver whenever i want to post yet don't have any draft ready to publish. lol. who else can relate?

so uhm, how are you? how did your sunday go? have you had a long weekend? what are your plans for this coming week? what are you currently feeling on this sunday night?

i hope you're having some decent rest over there, wherever you are.





the sunday currently is originally a blog link-up by Lauren of siddathornton (only i removed a few bullets hehe)

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