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Tuesday, December 29, 2020 Aklan, Philippines

hey, there! here's a collection of photos and clips i got during our most recent buruanga trip, but before that i'd like to put out some quick (which ended up to be a bit lengthy) side note that has nothing to do with these photos that i'm about to share.

hmmm... i'm in this stage in my life again that i'm quite hesitating to share stuff on my social media accounts, but if you know me, i'm such a memory hoarder. i love documenting stuff. i love collecting photos and videos of both the special and simple moments, and i like to put them out in some place that i could always go back to whenever, wherever. social media is pretty much the easiest medium that i could put them into, but gosh, i really got this love/hate relationship towards them that i can't stay on them for too long or else i'm gonna lose my sanity.

facebook, oh facebook. i don't share too much in this platform 'cos it's just too crowded for me. although i don't have lots of facebook friends, i still feel like there are tons of eyes in there, so i always drop this every time.

late in 2019, i deleted my instagram account because it felt like it was serving me no good any longer. i had a good number of followers in that old account back then -- from my family to my friends and acquaintances in school, and even up to some strangers that i never met, but then one, day it just felt like i am no longer comfortable posting stuff that many people could see, also the newsfeed felt overwhelming. and my best way out at that time is to permanently delete that account, and so i did. not too long after, i created a new one to serve as some creative outlet for me, and it was actually initially created to serve as some little extension of this blog. i used to have it in public, but recently, i decided to put it in private because i grew a little uncomfortable with the public feature again. idk, i'm just uncomfortable with people knowing my whatabouts and whatnot, although i'm pretty sure no one cares, anyway.

twitter... the same thing happened. i deleted my old account and recreated a new one. i have been keeping the new account as intimate as it could since then, and i always make sure to delete followers that i don't know. it's the place where i share my random thoughts that i usually don't say aloud, so i'd like to feel safe in there as much as possible.

okay, okay, i don't think i'm putting my point across at this time yet and i have already blabbed to much, so to cut the story short, i'm in torn. i always want to post photos and videos in social media to serve as my gallery of memories but then, i'm again at this point where i don't like to post too much on those platforms. i don't like to show people (especially those i know in real life) what i'm currently up to. that's why, i'm back here again... trying to revive this blog for the nth time already. this is my safest place, my humble abode here on the internet, because if i post something in here, nobody could see it right away unless they will intentionally visit this site. if you know me personally, i really am not the kind who would tell stuff about me that the other person aren't curious about. if you don't ask, i won't tell. that's it. this blog is for myself and i post here for me, but if you're curious, you're always welcome to pay a visit. =)


by this time, allow the following photos to tell a quick story of this trip.


we quickly stopped at the longest bridge of aklan and took some few pictures before the rain started pouring hard.

and this is another quick stopover in jawili falls, aklan.

we were like playing inside with the vehicles as we tried to take photos on this landmark.
and after some three to four hours of travel (including the quick stopovers and our breakfast), we're almost here. this is the way to the resort's entrance.

and finally we're here!

we needed to go uphill to get to the entrance of the resort and then downhill to get to the main area. it was breakthtaking, yes! lol.

what a beautiful view right here.

and of course, i always need to take some mandatory shoe-fie every time i get to visit a new place. *wink wink

and the resort people welcomed us with some delicious lemonade.
we're now ready to dip ourselves in the salty water.
then, i watched them ride the kayak.
we then went up and enjoyed the cold water in the pool.
the dishes we had for lunch were really appetizing!
this is my most favorite group photo during the trip (insert jude who took this photo haha).
okay, i'm awkward like that. well, thanks to bam and her boyfriend for this photo and most of the photos.
and we chilled by the beach. they drank beer while i enjoyed the view ('cos i don't drink, nope).
here's some video compilation of this trip ♡


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