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Sunday, February 21, 2021 Philippines

hello, i'm typing this one at five in the morning with the hope of finding the right words to express myself a bit better. i have believed my whole life that my brain works better in the morning after a good night rest.

oh, how i love mornings like this. where the surroundings is quiet and i can only hear either the birds chirping or the roosters cocking-a-doodle-doo. most of the time, they sound in unison and that's music to my ears.

this morning, i am reminded of how awesome it is to get up early. i usually wake up early, like around four or five am, but lately, i've been having trouble with the "getting up" part. it's been so tempting to stay in bed a little longer until i have to rush for work, and that morning rush, my friends, is the least enjoyable part of the day.

slow morning... it's something i want to enjoy more often. i want to be able to do stuff for myself before i would work for somebody else. i want to enjoy my breakfast and savor every bite of it. i want to have more time in the shower to contemplate more about life. i want my mornings to be of high vibration and something i always look forward to.

i always find myself more grounded and at peace when i get to have some extra hours in the morning, and i am reminded of how crucial it is to establish a morning routine, might as well a good night one, and i'm trying to develop mine little by little, one step a time. just focusing on one habit as a start, then gradually add one up as the time goes by. and i have to remind myself to not strictly impose everything, that it's okay if i miss at least one habit in a day. after all, each day is a little different from the other, and we always don't have the same amount of energy each and everyday.

and that leads me to the second reminder that i want to remind  myself -- that it's okay to not be perfect because we will never be. i have to tame this perfectionist side of me and shoo away those unnecessary pressure on myself. we are constantly a work in progress. "C O N S T A N T L Y." as long as we are living, there will always be something that we can get better at. we can never reach our perfect selves in this lifetime, but day by day, we can definitely work to be the best version of ourselves. instead of aiming to be perfect, each day, i just have to aim to be better than my yesterday self. if we focus on getting better instead of being perfect, that's when we can get the fulfillment at the end of the day. getting better today than yesterday -- that's something that could give us the sense of accomplishment. we will always have that little room for improvement until we die, and we have to acknowledge that and do something to fill that room, little by little every single day.

lastly, i have to remind myself that it is DEFINITELY okay to not check my social media. in fact, it's highly encouraged. it's okay to miss out. it's okay to not be updated. if i don't check my social media, i am actually not missing out on anything. i can't deny how much social media is affecting my mental health at times. thus, i resorted to constantly delete the social media apps on my phone, particularly facebook, instagram, and twitter, and it never fails to make me realize how i am at peace more than ever when i don't have them. lately, i only reinstall those apps on weekends, and then i delete them on sundays, and it's been a great practice. it's helping me so much to maintain a clearer mind. maybe sooner, i'll only  have them once a month, then once a year, and none at all. but at this day and age, i am not really sure with the "none at all." haha! so here's to the journey on developing a healthy relationship with social media. join me if you wish. let's do this!


on another note, the blog is still on hiatus until i figure out how i exactly want this space to be, but i'd just like to throw a quick update to let you know that this blog is still alive.

how are you?



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