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Saturday, March 13, 2021 Philippines

hello there! happy saturday!

i am in the office as of typing. yes, on a saturday, because i had to attend some meeting to resolve some difficulty that we have encountered at work. but it’s not so much of a trouble or anything like that. we just talked about how we will be able to manage our time better and stuff like that, so we can be on top of everything and meet deadlines. it was a good talk with the team. i love conversations like that. i love to talk about improving one’s self and the whole team as well.

anyway, i am supposed to grab my lunch now so i could be on time for another meeting (outside my full time job) at 1pm this afternoon, but it’s raining hard outside with some thunder every few minutes. so there’s no way i can go outdoors at this point yet. also, i forgot my umbrella after drying it off last night. oh no, not a good time to forget it. gosh.

so now, i’ll have to wait for the rain to subside. i hope it subsides the sooner possible.

it feels good to be able to spontaneously hit my fingers on the keyboard and type something down here. i can feel a little bit of nostalgia. i am reminded of those days when i used to blabber anything and everything on here. even if it already meant “over-sharing,” i just didn’t care.

these days, it worries me to over-share. or it doesn’t really worry me. it’s just that... i am no longer comfortable to share too much about myself and my life online. or maybe i have made an unfavorable decision of sharing my blog out in the open. and by that, i mean... linking it on my instagram account and other socials where people in real life can see and visit it anytime. maybe i was just happy and proud of how this blog turned out that i got giddy and excited to share it to everyone. not the right move, i guess? but it wasn’t bad either. it’s just... it made me feel uneasy.

with that, i made the decision to remove the link. i thought of changing my url, but the domain that i currently have ain’t free and there’s no way i should waste it, so okay, let’s stick with this for now.

uhm.. no, there’s no way i am hiding anything on here. it’s just that this blog was initially created for my future self, and well... maybe for the “strangers” online. i’ll have to put the emphasis on s t r a n g e r s, so you’ll get what i mean.

i don’t know. i just feel like i want to remain mysterious in real life where they can’t do anything but just assume stuff about me. hmm... i think i used to be really mysterious until i became active on my socials. but idk, maybe i was still intentional with the stuff i shared, but sometimes, i feel like i should have not shared them, ‘cos it seemed that i gave too much info about myself, and that’s not so me. or at least, not the way i knew myself.

on another note, i don’t have social media apps (except messenger) on my phone for a week now, and i feel great. but i’m planning to only have instagram on my phone every two weeks, and just on weekends, then uninstall it again before monday starts. i’m perfectly fine with no facebook and twitter on my phone. i can just open them on my latptop whenever i have to.

alright, i think this is enough blabbing already. i just wanna say hi.


i am actually publishing this post a few hours after.

how has your life been, dear friends?



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