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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


i've been making a little bit of some mid-year resetting since this month started. i wasn't satisfied of my first six months of this year because i was still pretty much like finding my way out of some maze. i was a little lost in the past six months -- lost in a way that i have been asking myself if i am doing enough to purposefully live in this earth, so i've been really pondering nonstop. i've been thinking of ways to make myself and my life better. i've been trying to build myself into an independent and strong woman who needs no validation from anyone or anything. of course, it was not and will never be easy and i am never there yet, but i'm proud of the progress that i've been making.

if there's anything that i'd like to prioritize this year, it would definitely be my inner peace. i want to be at peace with the chaos around me. i want to be at peace with my nagging insecurities. i want to be at peace with the people that i have hurt in the past -- that may be intentionally or unintentionally. i want to be at peace with who i am and the person that i hope to become.

i want to be my best version every day, but "best" doesn't mean perfect. "best" means having flaws (lots of them), but trying to work on them little by little, one step at a time. "best" doesn't mean that i have to wake up at 5am every day and never laze around. "best" means living my life one day at a time with the purest intention of growing and thriving. it means acknowledging the hard days and getting my way through them. no escaping. "best" is just simply living life, enjoying the little things, acknowledging the fact that things will not always go my way, focusing on the things that i can control instead of those that i could not, and working on myself to become better at least 0.01% every day.

i'm really thankful for where i am right now at this very moment. it wasn't a smooth road on my way here, for sure. there were days that i really felt like giving up, days that i had to deal with my difficult attitude, days that i don't want to keep trying anymore. there were also days that i just want to runaway and just simply escape and days that anything and anyone annoyed me to the core, but those were the days that developed me to be who i am today, and i have to acknowledge the possibility that those unpleasant days were not completely gone yet. they may come back in the future. i may come across to one of them or all of them at one time in the coming days, but hopefully by that time, i already know better. i'll be dealing with them with strength and courage and kindness in my heart.

i am pretty much excited to where this life could take me, but for now, i just have to enjoy the present and appreciate the small but certain happiness in life.

and i'd like to mention... thank you to Anna Jo for introducing the "small but certain happiness" to me through her previous blogs. this has been my most favorite phrase since. ♡

and oh, hello there if you've reached this far! i'm happy to share what has been on my mind lately.

praying for everyone's peace, including yours! happy wednesday! ü



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