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Wednesday, July 21, 2021


omg you guys! i just can't help but share this cutie little boy's photo here on the blog ♡

so we now have a baby at home! it feels so surreal and i am pretty much excited to go home to this little boy's precious smile and priceless cries after a long day at work. i was pretty much very excited already while we were still waiting for him to come out, but i never really thought that it would feel this euphoric now that he's actually here! huhu. i can never really explain how it exactly feels but i am very much delighted.

he was born this 20th of july which is literally only yesterday, and he's sharing the same birthday with my closest high school buddy. how awesome is that. aahhh i'm super thankful for all the blessings in life. huhu. i can't thank God enough. He is the ever merciful Father. ♡

and i actually intended this post to be some little life update, but quite honestly i couldn't really remember anything superb to share, except this adorable little boy. i mean, life has been really pretty much just a routine these days, especially that going out and traveling is still pretty restricted.. and as of writing, the covid cases in our area has not been getting any better yet. i am just praying for better days. always. and i hope and pray that we could thrive and get through this challenging time.

on another note, last weekend, i had the wonderful chance to meet up with a friend that i have not seen for quite a little while now and it was pretty much a very fun time catching up with her. the level of the community quarantine in our town was lifted from MECQ to GCQ. thus, we grabbed that opportunity to meet each other and made sure to stay in an uncrowded open space. good thing, there was this cafe that exactly fits our liking, except that they don't have a satisfying customer service. i mean, their staff were nice, but we were outside and it suddenly rained so hard but they never really bothered to offer us an umbrella to get inside the building. they didn't even checked on us, but they were looking at us the whole time from the inside while it was raining! mygoodness. there was a canopy tent, yes, but the downpour was really heavy that we were already getting wet. we were only able to transfer when the rain subsided a little. not to mention that the vicinity is a little wide and we were seated quite far from building. anyway, when we transferred, we saw some of our high school friends coming into the vicinity. what a coincidence! so then we caught up a little, and then had to spend time on separate tables far from each other sometime later because of the... well... you know it... covid-19 restrictions. it was a fun time, though. i'm praying for more weekends like this.

so that's pretty much for this update. this is still some disorganized thoughts right here. just typing them down as they pop because i am only typing them down right now while at work, so i'll just leave it here for now. i'm hoping for a much planned and organized blog post or life update, but maybe we can reserve that for some other time.

and oh, before i forget, i am finally on tiktok, you guys! after resisting it for so long, i finally created an account on that app. haha! but i basically contemplated it for so long before i was able to come up with a final decision. since i kinda enjoy taking videos of my day to day life, and compiling them but couldn't keep up with the youtube thing, i thought... maybe i can do it on tiktok this time because tiktok only allows a maximum of 3-min videos. so yeah, in other words, the very main reason why i created my tiktok account was for me to upload some short vlogs there, and also other videos of the things that i love. i'm making it as some kind of another creative outlet and another little place for the memories that i collect. ♡ i am marizdlcruz there (which is pretty much my username anywhere ha!). i don't advertise my tiktok account anywhere except this blog, though, because i don't want it to be too known to everyone i know in real life. but if they happen to come across it by chance, that's pretty fine too! =)


hey, how's life for you? is there anything that is keeping you excited these days? life, in general, has been really hard but i'm grateful for the little precious moments of each and every day.



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