about me

hey, there! glad to see you here! i'm riz, a twenty-five-year old certified public accountant from a small town in the countryside. i’ve been in this town since forever and i have no plans yet about moving out. i am an isfj-t, around 85% introverted as per the myers-briggs type indicator. i am usually quiet and shy but a little loud around the few people i am most comfortable with. i am not a wiz, but i love numbers. i’m not good at singing, but i sing.

writing was once a chore for me until i discovered tumblr where my blogging journey began. i've learned to love it since, and sharing some bits and pieces about my life online to no one in particular lowkey helped me become who i am right now. that's why, i'm still here, -- reflecting, contemplating, and writing my thoughts down.

if i'm not on my phone nor my laptop on a weekend at home, i'm probably reading a book, playing sudoku or word search puzzles, having some chitchat with my grandma or perhaps playing with some kids from the neighborhood.

i love love and i love life, and i'd like to unravel the beauty of living then share them with no one in particular through this site.

so hey, thanks for joining me on here, or at least, for stopping by.



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"the sun will rise and set regardless. what we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us. journey wisely."
- unknown