what's in here?

sincerely, riz is an online journal of random things run by a 25-year old province girl.

the blog originated in Tumblr around 2013 hopping from one username to another until it was called herquiescent where its audience increased from one to probably five people. sometime later, it became herclandestine where the visitors of the blog probably reached at least ten perhaps.

in an attempt to step up the blogging game in 2017, this new page was started but was left dusted for a while until it was finally redeemed in 2019, and now settled to its new brand, sincerely, riz.

the whole blogging journey started as a way to document my college life so there’s something I can visit and look back to when the time comes.

up to this day, the purpose of the blog remains the same, except that, college is already done, and what i document now is my life in general. so you can expect to see bits and pieces about my daily life, my random sentiments here and there, my contemplation about life and people and many other things, my interests including those that i haven’t discovered yet, my struggles with adult-ing, and so much more.

also, i am slowly diving myself into intentional living, so perhaps you can also see me drop some posts about it every now and then on this page.

this blog serves as some memory lane where i will post stuff for keepsake to see how much i've grown, and i hope to keep this one running as long as i can and as long as this world could allow.

thanks for dropping by!



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